Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Update from Italia!

On Sunday we moved into the apartments, I'm living with a guy named Jamie. The apartment is pretty small compared to American apartments but, in relation to other Italian apartments, even the ones that the other people are staying it, it's pretty big. There are about 12 of us living "downtown", other people are living "midtown" and others are living right across the street from the school. The commute is pretty long from downtown to the school. First we get on the metro, which is basically a subway that goes in a straight line down the city, and then we take a bus for about 20 - 30 minutes depending on the traffic. The buses are pretty big, but they are hot as hell because it's really humid and they have no air conditioning and there are a ton of people.

We live right across the street from a supermarket, "supermarcato", but I haven't been there yet. The italian's have a really laid back schedule for all their stores. Everything, except a few stores, bars, resturants and caf├Ęs are closed on Sundays, and everything remains closed until about 3 on monday. So because we got here on a Saturday and moved into our apartments on a sunday, we havent had much time to stock up stuff in our apartment.

There are tons of "open markets" all around the city that sell everything, from fresh fruit to vegetables to clothes. We are going exploring today, and hopefully will find one. Supposedly there is one about 10 blocks from our apartment, so it should be pretty easy to find.

Last night me and about 6 other people went to this really cool "ristorante" and and calzones and pasta. It was a really nice place, but the best part was that when you go there on your birthday, they turn off all the lights in the entire place bring out a cake that has sparklers on it and the whole place gets really loud and erupts with clapping and this pizza maker ringing a bell.

I had my first class today, it was pretty intense. They guy is really nice, it must be really hard to hear us butcher his language, but he seems like a really good teacher. We are going to be writing a bunch of small papers describing our experience here in Italy, in Italian.


Anonymous said...

what a coincidence...my birthday is sometime in june when I will be visiting you....lol...

Lynn Taylor said...

Dear Taylor,
We LOVE reading all about your adventure! What a great trip for you! We leave Tuesday for three weeks in China and will check back in when we return! Keep having fun! love and hugs, Lynn and Graeme