Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Turin or Torino

It's TORINO!!! Americans for whatever reason call it "Turin", while Italians call it Torino, I think I'm going to go with what the natives call it. Kinda like Ne-vha-da or Ne-vA-da.

Countdown with Taylor Anderson

  • 0 days of class left
  • 5 days till last final
  • 14 days till my last day of work at Clearstar
  • 17 days till take off to Torinio!

Pre-Trip Orientation

Yesterday, all the students from U of N who are going abroad this summer gathered in the Joe to get vital information... HA. That was a joke. After passing out the PowerPoint presentation the presenter proceeded to read the damn thing again word for word as we went through. Boring! Everything I found out that night, I either read before in something else they sent out or was pretty common sense. For instance, take money with you, Debit cards can be used at ATMs, make sure to bring your meds, or the best one, only pack what you can carry... Before this, I was planning on bring cash for the entire summer with me, and bringing 10 suitcases full of crap that all my friends help me take to the airport...

It was however interesting to see all the people who will be going all over the world this break. I almost won a raffle prize by like two numbers TWICE! My loss, I will never have a USAC water bottle now... damn!

T Minus: 25 days...

The countdown begins! I created this blog to keep track of my thoughts and my experiences up until I leave for my study abroad in Italy, and throughout the trip.

Here is a little outline of my trip:

I will be leaving on May 23rd, arriving in Italy on the 24th. I move in to my "housing" (I'm not quite sure what this entitles, they say it's a mix between dorms and an apartment, but I guess I'll see soon enough). The "housing" is supposed to be pretty close to campus, either walking distance or the city has pretty good public transportation.

The first term (May 26 - June 26) I will be taking "Intermediate Italian 1" which is like ITAL 211 at U of N. The second term (July 3 - August 5) I will be taking "Intermediate Italian 2" which is equivalent to ITAL 212 here.

Between June 29 and July 2 I will be going on a tour of the Italian Riviera! Which should be pretty sweet!!!