Monday, June 2, 2008

Day Trip to Venice!

Check out the link below to see the photos from my trip to Venice! It was a really nice place, very beautiful city, but there were tons of tourists and all these little crappy touristy booths with junk. Once we figured out how to get away from that area of town it was really nice. The whole place is pretty expensive, it took us an hour to find a place that we didn't have to sit down at (because they charge you more) and all I got was a big thing of water and a chicken sandwich and it was 7E! We saw tons of gondolas, but didn't get a chance to see how much they are, I'm sure they are a pretty Euro. Instead of like a normal bus system they have a boat bus system where you ride this big boat up and down the canal, or you can take a very expensive taxi ride, which again is in a boat. I saw more Americans on this little day trip than I had all week, so it's defiantly more touristy than Torino.


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Anonymous said...

yay! it looks really nice! i wish i could have a romantic gondola ride with you but I will settle for a bottle of wine for two or some gelato :)