Thursday, July 10, 2008

Swiss Trip

Last weekend I went to Zurich Switzerland to hang out with my mom. Zurich was really nice, the weather was really great, not too hot with a little breeze that helped with the humidity. One of the days we traveled to the town of Luzern,where we check out the city, a market was happening that day, and saw some of the shops. My mom bought me a genuine Swiss Army knife, which was pretty cool, the shop did free engraving too so it has my initials on it.

After spending a couple days in Switzerland, my mom came back with me to Torino to check out where I've been living for over the past month. She really liked it and was surprised at how nice my apartment was. We had dinner at one of my favorite resturants, St. Martins. I think she really enjoyed the trip, it was good to see her again.

Swiss Trip

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Anonymous said...

Hi Taylor,
I love your pictures, I saved some of your swan photos, actually one is my desktop background right now!
Have fun!!
Love, Molly (Swanson) still waiting to become Johnson :)