Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Trip to Paris

This last weekend, me and two other USAC students took a trip to Paris for the weekend...how cool is that to say?

While in Paris we roughly did the following:
  • Went on a great bike tour around the city to the main attractions. It was with a company called Fat Tire Bike Tours, which was recommended by a friend that just got back. We are going to do it in London also.
  • Saw Notre Dame and the Pantheon
  • Went to the Louvre and saw things like the Mona Lisa and other great works of art.
  • Ate bread and drank some wine on the lawn in front of the Eiffel Tower one night and watched it light up a bright blue and then sparkle on the hour.
  • Checked out Napoleon's Tomb, it's funny because the way that it's designed you have to "bow" to the tomb to check it out.
  • Ran across traffic to get to the Arch de Triumpf, can you say "frogger"?
  • Had a few creaps, two quieshes and other French food.
  • Saw a mini statue of liberty on the river.
  • And a bunch of other things that are in the pictures below!


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